Monday, April 25, 2011

SILVER at $50.00 Now! Sell the US$ & Buy Silver.

This is the last time silver will be this cheap this week.With wednesday fast approaching and helicopter-BEN will likely state flatly that QE3 is needed and necesary, etc...

Well, we have the makings for a GREAT SILVER SPIKE this week.We will see $3-$5 ranges in silver this week for certain.They have shown they cannot push silver around anymore because REAL demand is what is moving the silver market and their naked-shorts are working with very limited success.

Do they(JPM, GS, HSBC, etc....) have one more trump up their sleeves?

Will they try shorting gold to drag silver down to help prop up the defunct US$
this week?
THAT is the $64,000 question!
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Gold Opens $1,520, Silver Over $50 Everywhere But Comex (For At Least A Few More Minutes)

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While markets are relatively quiet everywhere, precious metals have just gone apeshit. Gold opens at $1,520 while silver hits $49.70 on the Comex, drops, and is backing up again last treading at $49.22, as the world is pricing in the end of the US reserve currency. The parabolic melt up is in full force and we expect the nominal Hunt high to be taken out today, after which the resistance is the real Hunt high somewhere around $140, courtesy of the Federal Reserve confetti.


  1. SilverBull said...

    Blythe, JPM, GS, HSBC, et al top execs are illuminati satanists.
    Jesus, a GNOSTIC fanatic of that day, chased OUT the money changers, the SANHENDRIN out of the TEMPLE WITH A WHIP. HE was marked for death on that day, note the ROMAN governor got to pass sentence yet "washed his hands" of it.
    TODAY the balance gets tipped and they are doomed.
    April 25, 2011 6:20 AM



  3. Kitco tracks the price of SPOT prices for PM.

    In 24 hours HIGH: $49.93
    LOW: $45.72

    That is a $4.20 range for the day!!!

  4. The experts that come here & point out this post that being the proof I am wrong can be replied to now by me here.

    My timing is off, but the same STILL EXISTS. Just put next week in and you will see this happen. I will add here, that once $50.50 gets breached, perhaps even $57.00 gets hit before any corrective action. But, that will simply add NEW strength TO THE SILVERBULL as it uses $50.00 as SUPPORT! out....maybe weeks to months away, though for this last part.

    To recap: March 2011 high like $38.00+
    April 2011 high $49.93(unconfirmed w/screenshot seen on kitco silver live chart).

    NEXT WEEK: TO THE MOON BABY!!! :-) Donate generously!